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Gaspésie Tour

4 days – 2000 km

Day 1 Montreal – Quebec City – Port Joli – Riviere du Loup: 455 km

Leaving at 9am from Montreal and stop for 3 hours in one of the most beautiful cities in North America Quebec City. You already will be delighted and captivated by the European atmosphere. We are yet in the beginning.
After riding another 120 km, we shall stop at one point of interest that must be seen by all bikers. Over 100 motorcycles on display. 50 different makes from various continents. Also 3 exhibit halls. One screening room. All of that and more will wait for us to visit at “L’épopée de la moto” in Saint Jean Port Joli. The day will finish in Riviere du Loup, a small beautiful city on the Saint Laurent River.

Day 2 Riviere du Loup – Perce: 553 km

Will start this second day of our journey jumping into “The Bas-Saint-Laurent – Gaspésie Tour”, a legendary scenic drive that loops around the huge Gaspé Peninsula. On 2013, National Geographic Traveler included this region on its list of Canada’s 50 Places of a Lifetime, while the renewned Michelin Green Guide has also given it 3 stars.
After riding another 500 km we’ll finish this day in Percé a small village that has a reputation for comfortable lodging and fine dining…

And of course, the region’s star attraction is majestic Percé Rock

Day 3 Perce – Amquy – Rimousky: 455 km

The next day we will ride from village to village to discover Gaspésie’s unique cultural mosaic: all colonists and First Nations peoples along with their vibrant cultures are still present in this region. Through the picturesque Matapédia Valley we will keep riding further towards Rimouski which will become our home for the night!

Day 4 Rimousky – Quebec City – Montreal: 540 km

Will start early this day, heading towards Montreal passing by Qubec City. There we will stop to take some amazing photos in the Parc de la Chute-Montmorency


Gaspésie Tour

Quebec City
Quebec City is the capital of the province and one of the the symbols of French -Canadian identity! Dating to 1608, one of North America’s oldest and most magnificent settlements is the only fortifed city north oh Mexico with stone buildings and narrow streets. This area is the site of the towering Chateau Frontenac Hotel and imposing Citadelle of Quebec and is also part of Unesco World Heritage.

“L’épopée de la moto”
Assembled from the Gagnon brothers’ fabulous collection, this museum devoted to the history of the motorcycle – a first in Québec – showcases 115 bikes from 1903 to 2002, 50 different makes from various continents, three exhibit halls and one screening room. The collection also boasts unique items with prestigious or uncommon parts, like the Clément (1903), the Vincent Rapide or the Bimota DB1S (1986), still in its factory packaging!

The Bas-Saint-Laurent – Gaspésie Tour
This is a legendary scenic drive that loops around the huge Gaspé Peninsula. In 2013, National Geographic Traveler included this region on its list of Canada’s 50 Places of a Lifetime, while the renowned Michelin Green Guide has given it 3 stars

“Le Rocher Percé”
Percé Rock appears from a distance like a ship under sail. It is one of the world’s largest natural arches located in water and is considered a geologically and historically rich natural icon of Quebec.
It was named Percé (“pierced rock”) by Samuel de Champlain in 1607, in reference to the holes he had seen in the massive block of limestone, which over the years has become a major attraction in the region .

Montmorency Falls
“Chute Montmorency” is a large waterfall on the Montmorency River in Quebec, Canada.
There are staircases that allow visitors to view the falls from several different perspectives. A suspension bridge over the crest of the falls provides access to both sides of the park as well as a spectacular view.
The falls, at 84 meters high and 46 meters wide, are the highest in the province of Quebec. They are 30 meters higher than Niagara Falls. The basin at the foot of the falls is 17 meters deep.
The falls were given this name in 1613 by Samuel de Champlain. He named them in honor of Henri II, Duc de Montmorency, who served as viceroy of Nouvelle France from 1620 until 1625.

Minimum – 3 bikes rented.

Included in the tour package:

•    All overnight accommodations
•    Airport arrival/departure shuttle transfers
•    Tour information package
•    Basic liability insurance on motorcycles

Not included in the tour package:

•    Flights to and from Montreal
•    meals and drinks
•    Staff/other gratuities
•    National Park entrance fees and cultural tours
•    Medical and travel insurance policy

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For any cancellation after those dates, your Advanced payment is not refundable.



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