Rental Agreement

MOTORCYCLE RENTAL AGREEMENT – Motorcycle rentals Montreal, Quebec

The following is a binding and legal agreement between the owner of the company and the renter as described below without any prejudice – furthermore the owner reserve the rights to refuse to anyone deemed unsuitable at the company’s discretion without any liability or to provide any justification.

Rent a Ride Rental Agreement

This Agreement is made and entered in this ____________________ day of _______________ 20 _____, between ________________________________________________________ hereinafter called “Owner” and _________________________________________________ called “Renter“.

The Owner declare / represents that to the best of his knowledge and that above mentioned vehicle is, at the time of this rental agreement, to be in sound / road worthy and safe condition and free of any known faults or defects which would affect its safe operation under normal use.

Rental Period / Duration

The Owner agrees to rent the above described vehicle to the Renter for a period of ________________________ (Days),

beginning at ______________________________ and ending at ______________________________________.

Declaration by the renter

  1. I, the Renter, remain responsible for all damage to or loss of the vehicle.
    I hereby authorize the Owner to charge my deposit / credit card on the file for any damage that occurs to the vehicle / motorcycle during the rental period up to the fair market value. I accept full responsibility for all collision damage to the vehicle / motorcycle under this agreement, even if someone else caused it or the cause is unknown.
    I also accept full responsibility for all cost of repairs up to the market value of the Vehicle including, towing, storage and impound fees. Average market value of the vehicle at the date when this contract was signed is $ ___________ (______________ dollars Canadian).
  2. By accepting and signing this agreement I understand and concur / agree that protective riding gear must be worn at all times while operating the rental vehicle / motorcycle – appropriate safety gear is defined as follows:
    • Helmet,
    • Safe eye protection,
    • Appropriate Boots,
    • Knee guards,
    • Elbow guards
    • Chest protector or equivalent.
  3. By accepting and signing this agreement I acknowledge that I have medical insurance and a valid motorcycle license – recognized and accepted in Canada.
  4. I accept and agree on inspection to immediately notify the Owner on the following:
    4 a. if I feel / observe any aspect of the vehicle to be unsafe.
    4 b. I will operate the motorcycle with reasonable precaution for the safety of myself, others, the equipment and the environment and will at all times comply with the Motor Vehicle Regulations for and each Province / States in which I plan visit / travel through..
  5. The Owner reserves the right to terminate any rental agreement at any time without notice or refund if he feels the vehicle is operated against the terms of the agreement in a manner that is unsafe to Renter or others.
  6. By accepting and signing this agreement I acknowledge / concur and fully understand that all the information provided in this agreement / form is correct and true to the best of my knowledge and I furthermore confirm that I over 21 years of age and I also declare that i have sufficient motorcycle riding experience to ride the above mentioned rental motorcycle that is the object of this Rental Agreement.

By accepting and signing below the Renter acknowledge that he / she has carefully understand the terms of this agreement and has given an opportunity to examine in detail all the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement prior to acceptance hence endorsed by his / her signature below.

The Renter’s signature allows / authorize the Owner to submit a credit card voucher on Renter’s name for all rental charges arising out of this rental agreement / transaction.


The Renter hereby agrees that he / she shall fully indemnify the Owner for any and all loss or damage(s) to the vehicle or equipment during the terms of this Agreement whether caused by collision, fire, flood, vandalism, theft or any other cause, except that which shall be determined to be caused by a fault or defect of the vehicle or equipment.

Rental Rate

The Renter hereby understand and agrees to pay the Owner predetermined rate of $_______________ per day ______________ for the use of above vehicle / motorcycle. The rate excludes any fuel used. All fuel used shall be paid separately by the Renter.


The Renter further agrees to provide a deposit of $2000 CND with the Owner, this deposit will be used, in the event of loss of or damage to the vehicle or equipment during the term of this Agreement, to defray fully or partially the cost of necessary repairs or replacement. In the absence of damage or loss, said deposit shall be credited toward payment of the rental fee and any excess shall be returned to the Renter.

Return of Vehicle to Owner

The Renter hereby agrees to return said vehicle to the Owner at ______________________ no later than ___________________.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties here to hereby execute this Agreement on the date first above written.



Terms and Conditions of motorbike rental Agreement


The Ownerthe person or the company who has the legal or rightful title to own the Motorcycle.

The Renter”- the person who rents the motorcycle from the Owner.

The “Rental period” means the period commencing with the time of the rental and ending either when the vehicle is returned as specified (whether by the renter or not), or when the owner receives proper confirmation of theft or destruction of the vehicle,

Damages” includes loss of and damage to the vehicle, its tires, tools and accessories and any costs incurred by the owner in connection with the loss or damage.

Third party damage” means all loss of or damage to third party property and any costs incurred by the owner in connection with such loss or damage.

Responsibility for Vehicle Damage or Loss; Reporting to Police

Except for ordinary wear the Renter is responsible for:

  • physical and mechanical damage to the vehicle resulting from collision up to the fair market value of the vehicle as determined in the customary market for the sale of the vehicle, regardless of the cause of the damage;
  • physical damage to the vehicle up to its fair market value, as determined in the customary market for the sale of the vehicle, resulting from vandalism occurring after or in the connection with, theft of the vehicle, provided that the renter has responsibility for theft of the vehicle;
  • any physical damage to the vehicle resulting from vandalism unrelated to a theft of the vehicle;
  • actual charges for towing, storage and impound fees paid by the owner if the renter is liable for damage or loss.

The renter must report all accidents, theft and vandalism to the police and the owner as soon as he discover them.

Condition and return of vehicle

The Renter must return the vehicle to the Owner or other location the owner specify on the date and time specified in this agreement and in the same condition that he received it, except for ordinary wear. Service to the vehicle or replacement of parts or accessories during the rental period must have the Owner’s prior approval. The Renter will not tamper with the vehicle’s odometer or speedometer or otherwise alter the vehicle, and will pay for all unauthorized repairs and replacement parts, as well as the cost of restoring any unauthorized alterations. The Renter must check and maintain all fluid levels.

If the vehicle is not returned when due or within 24 hours after written or oral demand by owner, the renter will be in unlawful possession of the vehicle and owner may seek the insurance of a warrant for the arrest of anyone in possession of the vehicle (including the Renter).

Any overtime will be charged to the renter per hour, at 10% of the daily basis renting rates.


The Renter is responsible for all damage or loss that he causes to others. The renter’s insurance is primary to any insurance that the Owner may provide. If the Owner is required by law to provide liability insurance, the owner will provide a policy with liability coverage with limits no higher than the minimum financial amounts required by the law ($50.000).

The policy is not covering for any offroad usage for rented motorcycle.

Renter obligations

The vehicle will not be operated by anyone other than authorized driver (renter).

  • The renter will not allow more than two passengers, including driver on the rented vehicle;
  • Renter will not use the vehicle outside Canada;
  • The renter must not leave the vehicle / motorcycle unsafe and fail to remove the keys, encouraging vandalism or theft of the vehicle / motorcycle;
  • The renter is forbidden to operate of a damage vehicle / motorcycle causing further damages (such as riding / driving on a flat tire or after the engine or oil lights go on). He is forbidden also to carry hazardous or explosive substances or drive / ride regularly out of maintained and paved roadways;
  • The renter will not be engaged in any speed contest, stunt or related training activities, will not carry property for hire, will not push anything, will not tow anything, will not fuel the vehicle improperly, will not improperly load the vehicle or transport weight exceeding the vehicle’s maximum capacity

Owner obligations

The owner is responsible to check engine oil level, tire pressure and drive chain / belt tension if applicable and to do a visual mechanical inspection on – site in the presence / front of the renter, before taking possession and leaving owners premises.


The renter will pay the owner or the appropriate government authorities on demand all charges due us under this Agreement, including:

  • All parking, traffic and tolls fine, penalties, citations, forfeitures, court costs, towing, storage and impound charges and other expenses involving the vehicle assessed against the owner or vehicle, unless these expenses are our fault;
  • $50 plus $1 / km for every km between the renting location and the place where the vehicle is returned, repossessed or abandoned, plus any additional recovery expenses the owner incurs;
  • All costs, including pre and post-judgment attorney fees, the owner incurs collecting payment from the owner or otherwise enforcing our rights under this Agreement.

Motorcycle rental agreement


The owner may use the deposit’s renter to pay any amounts owed under this Agreement.


No terms of this Agreement can be waived or modified except by a writing that we have signed. If the renter wish to extend the rental period, he must advise the Owner 6 hours before the end of the Rental Period by written notice (email or text message) giving the Owner full authority to charge the price for new period from Renter’s credit card. This contract constitutes the entire agreement between the renter and the owner. All prior representations and agreements between the renter and the owner regarding this rental are void.

Protective Gear

The renter understand he must wear helmet and protective riding gear at all times while using or operating the vehicle. The insurance does not cover injury to the Renter. The renter will operate the vehicle with reasonable precaution for the safety of himself, others and the environment and will at all times comply with applicable State and Country motor vehicle laws and regulations. It is in renter responsibility to ensure that the vehicle can be operated legally in the areas where he use the vehicle. The renter agrees not to use the vehicle in competitive events or demonstrations.

Your property

The Renter release The Owner, his agents and employees, from all claims for loss of or damage to renter’s personal property that was left or carried in or on the vehicle or in Owner’s offices.


In the event of a lawsuit against the Owner, the Renter agrees to do solely in the province of Quebec. The Renter agrees that if any portion of this agreement is to be found void or unenforceable, the rest of the document shall remain in full force and effect.

Rental Agreement
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